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"Kyla is very kind and explains everything in detail. I was in an auto accident and suffered a concussion. I was experiencing severe vertigo and ringing in my ears. I've had two sessions of ear candling with her. After the first session the vertigo was gone almost completely. The ringing in my ears was less frequent. After the second session my symptoms are gone. As an added bonus the constant pressure in my ears has subsided and I can hear properly."

- Dawn, Student, Sacramento, CA


"Kyla's sweet spirit and gentle touch put me at ease immediately.  This was my first Reiki session and it was amazing!"

- Anonymous, Roseville, CA


"This was my first experience with Reiki.  I have neck and shoulder pain every day.  I get regular massages, but still have pain afterwards.  After my first session with Kyla, I was pain free for five days.  It was amazing!  I was able to relax so deeply during the session that the pain left me.  I now have Reiki sessions on a monthly basis."

- LH, Sacramento, CA